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telecomOne innovation unconference

In September 2013 I participated in the TelecomOne Innovation Unconference.

TEDActive 2013

I am participating at TEDActive 2013. It is my first TED after ten years of following the conference!

Autodesk IDEAS

I participated in Autodesk’s IDEAS, an exclusive gathering of thought leaders for the purpose of exploring design—as a systematic approach to problem-solving and innovation, encompassing form, function, and performance—and its impact on corporate and societal success.

Renewable Energy Expedition 2011

I was part of the Renewable Energy Expedition 2011 which was organized by ACORE (the American Council of Renewable Energy and 2041).

Communications Officer for the 2011 E-Base Mission

In March 2011, I was invited to be part of the 2011 Educational Base (E-Base) of 2041. The E-Base is located on the edge of the Russian Bellingshausen base in King George Island, Antarctica.

Design Strategy: Designers Accord EDUtoolkit

One-hundreed individuals from the world’s most distinguished academic and professional institutions convened for two days of highly participatory discussion, planning, and action around the topic of design education and sustainability. The output of the Summit is an online toolkit now available for anyone.