We have formed Ocean University to offer Undergraduate and Postgraduate students from everywhere on Earth the chance to go beyond the classroom experience: to learn, live in the cultures and in a unique environment where they can realize their potential.

Ocean is a design collaborative at sea. The plan is to bring together students, thinkers, designers and like-minded organizations under a unique networking environment. Research and design work happen both when in port and while at sea.

Our logo is the Sankofa, an Adinkra Symbol of the Akan People of Ghana. It symbolizes one taking from the past what is good and bringing it into the present in order to make positive progress through the benevolent use of knowledge.

At Ocean University we interconnect people, discover, shape and spread knowledge from everywhere to everyone.

Our plan involves a not-for-profit model and following a Creative Commons framework while adopting the Designers Accord. We are a design collaborative at sea. Our focus is networking. We are not, nor intend to become a cruise company, a floating hotel, nor a tour operator. The sole focus is to connect people with one another, all over the world. Literally.

The environment in which we operate is unique: expect to change time zones every other day, forget about weekdays while at sea, you may not see land for weeks at a time. The notion of time and space will also change.

We will circumnavigate the planet in the course of two voyages. Each voyage takes about 16 weeks where we will visit over half a dozen countries. In each country, program participants will take on academic programs, service & volunteering opportunities and independent travel.

[Board of Advisors information coming soon]