The Ocean Alliance is a cluster of like-minded organizations, academic institutions, research groups, foundations, design firms, organizations and like-minded people.

Through the Alliance, we enrich port programs by visiting and engaging in rich design work through the local networks each organization has established at specific ports of call and Communities of Impact (COIs).

The Alliance provides a communications channel as well as the foundation of our collaborative at sea.

Organizations that join the Alliance can have studio space on the ship, and effectively create an office aboard the vessel. There are inherited unique opportunities to this framework specially for Design firms, research organizations and people that value experiential learning with strong intercultural business communication development.

Students can tap into the Alliance at sea through an Intern-at-Sea program. They can have the chance to work aboard the ship or on hands-on work at the ports of call with an organization. This work can encompass Ethnographic studies, Biodiversity cataloging, Service Design research, etc. Needless to say, this is a unique opportunity for companies to work with a pool of talent that has the curiosity and drive to work and communicate across cultures.

Like-minded people can join the global expedition under certain frameworks such as a port-to-port guest lecturers, mentors, sponsors and more.